Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Battle of Marianna Reenactment is a go for September 27, 2014

Battle of Marianna Reenactment
UPDATE:  Commitments have come through and the Battle of Marianna reenactment will go on as planned on September 27, 2014!  If you are a reenactor and would like to join us, contact me at  We are still seeking both units and individuals (who will be formed into a temporary unit)!

Thank you to all who stepped up and helped save our 150th commemoration!!  I will have more details soon.

Dale Cox


September 27th will mark the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Marianna, Florida.

Fought on September 27, 1864, the encounter was one of the most desperate fights in all of Florida and was compared by seasoned soldiers of both sides with much larger engagements of the war. A Confederate force of 350-400 reservists, militia, home guards and volunteers tried to hold off a larger Union force of 700 men. The result was a bloody "urban" battle that involved house to house fighting and the disappearance in a single day of 25% of the male population of Marianna.

Marianna and Jackson County will be hosting a special commemoration of the battle on September 26th and 27th, 2014.  Planned events include guided tours, memorial services, a tour of homes, historical conference, living history demonstrations and more.  We also would like to include a reenactment of the section of the battle that took place around Courthouse Square in the center of town.

Battle of Marianna Reenactment
That reenactment is currently endangered due to problems and personality conflicts that took place at past Marianna reenactments, as well as competition from events in Atlanta the previous weekend and Tavares on the same day.

In an effort to save the reenactment for this year, we have shifted it from past management to the supervision of the Jackson County Tourist Development Council.  To make it easier and less expensive for reenactors from Florida, Alabama and Georgia to attend, we are planning it primarily as a Saturday morning event and participants will be provided with powder and a free lunch. Camping is available for those who would like to come on Friday and stay overnight.

Please help us save the Battle of Marianna!  I was not involved in past reenactments, but hear constantly of issues and problems from previous years.  We are under different leadership this year and are doing everything we can to save this event and improve it for future years.

I am issuing a personal appeal to my many friends and relatives who do reenacting to join us and save the event so that it can be part of our 150th anniversary commemoration. Please join me and let's save the Battle of Marianna.  We will continue with our commemoration plans either way, but it would mean a great deal to the community and its citizens to save the reenactment.

Contact me at with questions or to let us know you will come and help us. It would be a real shame to see this event become a thing of the past, especially on the 150th anniversary of this deadly Northwest Florida engagement.

To read more about the Battle of Marianna, please visit

I hope to hear from you.  We welcome individuals or organized groups.  Our deadline for deciding on the reenactment is Friday, August 1st.

Dale Cox


Capt Phil said...

Living history must be advanced and encouraged whenever possible. Placing management of the event into competent, level headed and impartial hands is a necessity. Success builds success and draws supporters and sponsors. This event, properly managed should continue to be a community point of pride along with being financially sustainable.
Good luck.

Roger Moore said...

I am not a re-enactor, and I live too far away to be of assistance, but I certainly support your efforts to save the battle reenactment. I'll call on folks from my former home town of Panama City to assist Dale, since it is certainly not too far away.
Roger Moore
Houston, Texas

Dale Cox said...

Thank you for the note. We have the event under new management this year but are paying the price for "sins of the past" I guess you could say. Hope springs eternal so hopefully enough people of good heart will come to our assistance and Marianna will not fall again.