Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Florida Ghost Stories for Halloween 2013

The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge
Marianna, Florida
Here are some of my favorite Florida ghost and monster stories for your Halloween reading fun!

Whether you believe in such or not, stories about the supernatural and unknown are important parts of our history and culture.  Most of these have been documented for many, many years.  Some - the Ghost of Bellamy Bridge - for example, have been reported for well over 100 years!

Enjoy and if you know of some other good stories I should look into, leave a comment and I will see what I can learn!

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Disneypal said...

My parents grew up in Holmes Co. FL and I have heard the tale of Two Toed Tom my whole life. My father claimed that his father once took a shot at the giant gator but missed him. Not sure if that is true, of course, but we like to believe it is :)

Dale Cox said...

It is a great story, isn't it? I grew up in Jackson County and have heard it all my life too.