Thursday, December 13, 2012

New Book is now in Print! (Ghost of Bellamy Bridge)

My latest book, The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge, is now in print!

This volume delves into 10 of Jackson County's most intriguing legends of the supernatural, mysterious and unexplained! Many of the stories have War Between the States ties and one even focuses around the ghost of a church deacon killed during the Battle of Marianna.

The first half of the book looks into the story of the Ghost of Bellamy Bridge, the tale of a young woman from antebellum times and her tragic death. She is said to haunt historic Bellamy Bridge, a steel-frame structure north of Marianna. The other half of the book delves into nine other legends from Jackson County, including the story of the Ghost of St. Luke's Church. The figure of an elderly man, many believe the ghost is that of Francis Allen, who was killed in the Battle of Marianna on September 27, 1864.

The cover price is $19.95 and the book is available for order now at:

100% of the cover price goes to benefit the Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail, a new public historic site in Jackson County that is being developed without the expenditure of any additional tax funds.

Thank you in advance for helping the project and I hope you enjoy the book!