Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Ghost of Bellamy Bridge (A Florida Halloween Tale)

Bellamy Bridge in Jackson County, Florida
The story of the Ghost of Bellamy Bridge is one of Florida's most enduring and oldest ghost stories.

The legend of Elizabeth Jane Bellamy, who is said to haunt the environs of Bellamy Bridge in Jackson County, dates back to the antebellum era in Florida. She and her husband, Dr. Samuel C. Bellamy, were among the most prominent residents of the early Florida territory and he actually helped draft the constitution that led to Florida being admitted to the Union in 1845.

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Photograph of the "ghost" of Bellamy Bridge
Making the story even more exciting this year is the announcement that Bellamy Bridge has been saved and will be preserved as a historic site. The loosely organized Friends of Bellamy Bridge organization, working in cooperation with Jackson County Parks and the Northwest Florida Water Management District, have obtained approval for and are moving forward with completion on a new heritage trail that will lead from a parking area on Highway 162 in Jackson County down through the floodplain swamps to the historic old bridge.

The Bellamy Bridge Heritage Trail is still a work in progress, but will open to the public during daylight hours tomorrow after the last of a series of Ghost Walks is completed tonight.

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