Sunday, July 22, 2012

Marianna Reeactment Cancelled for This Year

Marianna Reenactment
Courtesy Ashley Pollette
The Marianna Day Committee informs me there will be no reenactment of the Battle of Marianna this year.
The reenactment had been a feature of the community's Marianna Day observance over the last few years, but was expensive to produce and difficult to coordinate. The Committee has decided for this year to focus on other ways of commemorating the battle, including memorial services, etc.

Fought on September 27, 1864, the Battle of Marianna was a small but bloody and significant encounter.

Marianna Day, 2011
Courtesy Ashley Pollette
It was the culmination of the deepest penetration of Confederate Florida by Union troops during the entire War Between the States. Leaving Pensacola Bay on September 18, 1864, Brigadier General Alexander Asboth led a column to and from Marianna in Jackson County, covering more land miles than did Sherman during his "March to the Sea" through Georgia.

The battle was a fierce encounter in which men, women and even children took up arms to defend their town against the Union raiders.

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