Thursday, January 5, 2012

Battle of Natural Bridge available Free on Kindle - Tonight Only

If you have an Amazon Kindle or use their free Kindle software on your computer, iPad, etc., the expanded edition of my book on the Battle of Natural Bridge is available FREE tonight only as part of a special promotion.

The Battle of Natural Bridge, Florida - available in both Kindle and print formats - tells the story of the March 6, 1865 battle that determined the fate of Tallahassee and the Big Bend of Florida.

Fought along the banks of the St. Marks River, the battle was a major Confederate victory and based on its results was the last significant Southern victory of the entire war.  Not only did it prevent Union forces from taking Tallahassee and inflicting heavy damage to the city, infrastructure and surrounding farms and plantations, it also halted a planned Federal advance to the city of Thomasville in southern Georgia.

The Battle of Natural Bridge is unique for a number of reasons. It was the last significant engagement in Florida. The Union force consisted of the 2nd USCT, 99th USCT, 2nd Florida Cavalry (U.S.) and a large flotilla of U.S. Navy warships. The Confederate force consisted of the 5th Florida Cavalry, 2nd Florida Cavalry, 1st Florida Infantry Reserves, 1st Florida Militia, crew of the gunboat C.S.S. Spray, and three sections of artillery (two of field artillery and one of siege artillery).

In the main fight at the Natural Bridge of the St. Marks, hundreds of black Union soldiers, many of them former slaves while others were educated free Northerners, carried out seven distinct charges against entrenched Confederate forces and repelled a Southern counter-attack before withdrawing from the field. The fighting was intense and often at close range.

Please click here to download the book for your Kindle device or software:  The Battle of Natural Bridge, Florida.

The download is free until midnight tonight, then will return to its normal price.

If you would like the full book, which includes references and index, please follow this link:  The Battle of Natural Bridge, Florida: The Confederate Defense of Tallahassee.

You can also learn more about the battle at

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