Friday, February 25, 2011

Kindle versions of two Florida Battle books now available!

Instant downloads of two of my books on the Civil War in Florida are now available for your Kindle reading device or for the free Kindle software Amazon offers for your computer, Ipad or smartphone.

The Battle of Natural Bridge was fought on March 6, 1865, along Florida's St. Marks River and was one of the last significant Confederate victories of the war. Confederate regulars, reservists, cadets, militia and volunteers commanded by Generals Samuel Jones and William Miller turned back desperate assaults by Union troops at the Natural Bridge of the St. Marks, preserving Tallahassee's status as the only Southern capital east of the Mississippi not captured during the war. The battle also saved a large area of North Florida and South Georgia from economic destruction at the hands of Federal troops. The Battle of Natural Bridge was a significant action fought near the end of the war and also holds a unique place in African American history as nearly all of the Union soldiers taking part in the main fight were men from the 2nd and 99th U.S.C.T. regiments.

The Battle of Marianna took place on September 27, 1864, a day long observed in Florida as "Marianna Day." Sometimes called "Florida's Alamo," the engagement developed when a force of Confederate reserves, militia, home guards and volunteers tried to defend the Northwest Florida city of Marianna against a column of Union cavalry and mounted infantry led by Brigadier General Alexander Asboth. The two forces collided in a fierce battle that ended with hand to hand fighting in and around St. Luke's Episcopal Church, which was destroyed in the action. Several Confederates were burned to death in the church after they refused to surrender. The culmination of the deepest penetration of Confederate Florida by Union forces during the entire War Between the State, the battle was described by participants with extensive battlefield experience as the most intense fight, for its size, they encountered during the entire war.

The Kindle versions are of the expanded editions of both books and are priced at $9.95 each, a substantial savings over the cost for the print version. Print copies of the expanded version of The Battle of Natural Bridge are now available and can be ordered in the column at right. The print version of the new expanded edition of the Battle of Marianna will be available next week.

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