Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"A Christmas in Two Egg, Florida" - Now Available

A Christmas in Two Egg, Florida, my latest book and first work of fiction, was released this week.

Set in Florida's favorite small town, Two Egg, it is the short story of a lonely man named Ben, the hard times of the Great Depression, a mysterious stranger seen lurking around Ben's farm and the lost gold from the Confederate Treasury. I started writing the story as the script for a church drama and it grew into a small book as well.

A book with a Christian theme, it is a pretty big departure from my previous efforts but was something I wanted to write to acknowledge God's role in my life. I also hoped to create a little Christmas story set in Florida that would be enjoyable for families to read.

The story is entirely from my imagination, although the locations, some of the characters and some of the elements used in the plot are real. Two Egg, of course, is a real place. Located just northeast of Marianna in the farm country of Jackson County, the community actually gained its unusual name during the Great Depression and I've included some versions of that story in the new book.

The gold from the Confederate Treasury remains missing to this day, although some bits and pieces have been found in various states, including Florida. A few coins that appear to match the missing gold were found in the 1970s near Two Egg.

The book is available in paperback for $9.95 and as a Kindle download for 99 cents through Amazon.com. Just click the link at the upper left of this posting to order or search for the title in the Kindle store. Signed copies will be available starting tomorrow afternoon at Chipola River Book & Tea on Lafayette Street in Marianna (across the street from the Battle of Marianna Monument).

You can learn more about the real history of Two Egg at www.twoeggfla.com.


The Florida Blogger said...

Hey congrats on the book publishing. Hope it sells many copies!

Dale said...

Thank you very much! It seems to be doing well so far and was just a fun little project for me.