Monday, April 19, 2010

Thoughts on Confederate History Month

I've just posted my thoughts about Confederate History Month on my Southern History blog

Because they relate to Florida and to my Floridian ancestors who took up arms in defense of their families, homes, state and country, I thought the posting might be of interest to the readers here.

It focuses on the controversy that seems to now be an annual event surrounding the usually quiet observance of Confederate History Month across the South and my own thoughts about why the month is important and a matter of personal honor to Southerners.

I'll also be spending the rest of April posting on that blog about War Between the States related historic sites and points of interest from across the South. If you are interested in learning more about many of the places that can be visited today to remember the brutal conflict that ravaged the land between 1861 and 1865, be sure to check in regularly to learn about places of interest. Some are well known but others are "off the beaten path" and could be new discoveries for you.


brandibelle said...

I just read your post about Confederate History Month (April 19th) and I couldn't agree more. I too had relatives (2 uncles) who fought with the CSA. I posted a blog about the discrimination against the South at as well as one I posted to day about Confederate Memorial Day Keep spreading the word.


Dale said...

Thanks for the nice words. It seems that a lot of people have no desire to understand that being Southern is more than a regional identity. It is part of a special culture with its own dialects, food (actually numerous varieties of food), folklore, history and more. It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with cultural identity.


"Chip" said...

Dale - I was alerted by an AP article on this blog. I was always under the impression that the first shots fired by small arms were in a brief engagement by the Alabama Mounted Rifles:

My great ancestor, Sam C. Cook I, who started out as a corporal and ended up a captain by war's end, ordered his squad to fire on Union marines who were in the bay:

"Chip" said...

Dale - I was always under the impression that some of the first shots fired by small arms involved my great ancestor, Samuel C. Cook I (Sam Cook):

He was in charge of the squad that fired on Union marines in the bay, part of the Alabama Mounted Rifles: