Saturday, April 3, 2010

New Battle of Marianna Rosters now Online

I've added two more unit rosters to my Battle of Marianna site.

Captain Wilson W. Poe's unit was officially designated Company C, 1st Florida Reserves, but according to Confederate reports was actually a full battalion. Formed at the conscript camp in Marianna during May of 1864, Poe's battalion included enough men to make two full companies, but for unclear reasons was kept intact as a single command. The company fought at the Battle of Marianna on September 27, 1864, and was otherwise involved in chasing deserters, skirmishing with "raider gangs" that hid out in the swamps of the area and guarding against Union raids.

Captain Alexander R. Godwin's Campbellton Cavalry was a militia unit formed at Springfield near Campbellton in northwestern Jackson County during the summer of 1864. The pension applications of members of Godwin's company indicate that the unit was formed prior to Governor John Milton's 1864 executive order requiring all of Florida's men and boys not already serving in the military to form themselves into home guard companies. The company skirmished against Brigadier General Alexander Asboth's Union column as it entered Jackson County on September 26, 1864. It then fought in the action at Hopkins' Branch and the Battle of Marianna the next day. After the battle, the company remained in service although at least some of its members were incorporated into the 5th Florida Cavalry.

To check out the available rosters of these companies and to learn more about the Battle of Marianna, please visit and check out either the Order of Battle section or the links on the right hand side of the page.

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