Friday, September 11, 2009

Heritage Trees at Camp Milton Historic Preserve

A unique feature of the walking paths at Camp Milton Historic Preserve in Jacksonville is the large number of trees growing there that came from battlefields and other Civil War related sites across the nation.

The trees are all young and many came from the key battlefields in Virginia, Tennessee and Mississippi. There is an oak growing from a tree associated with Stonewall Jackson and many others of interest. All feature information panels that detail the origin of the trees and their significance.

Walking along the paved walkways of the park is a bit like walking through the history of the Civil War. Each planted tree recalls a different event from the war and helps make even a short walk quite memorable.

The Camp Milton Historic Preserve is a very nice example of what is possible when a local preservation effort gains momentum. The site was destined to become a sludge field for the growing Jacksonville metropolitan area, but preservationists were able to spark enough interest that instead it is now Florida's newest Civil War park. Beautifully designed to create a setting that attracts not only those interested in history, but also those interested in the environment and outdoor recreation, the preserve serves a diverse group of visitors.

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