Sunday, February 1, 2009

Lee Square - Pensacola, Florida

This is Lee Square, a beautiful park area in the North Hill area of Pensacola.

The square is located on North Palafox Street and is the site of the city's primary Confederate monument, a 50-foot tall structure that despite its size is still dwarfed by the beautiful trees of the park.

Although no traces of its earthworks remain, Lee Square was the site of Fort McClellan. This rectangular redoubt was constructed by Union forces when they occupied Pensacola following the 1862 withdrawal of the city's Confederate defenders. Part of a chain of fortifications that ringed the city, it formed the northern apex of a line that was shaped like an "A" or inverted "V."

Occupied by Union troops in 1862-1863, Fort McClellan mounted several pieces of field artillery, but was never attacked by Confederate troops.

The fort disappeared quickly in the years after the war and the square became part of the city's expanding residential area. Numerous beautiful old homes dating from the Victorian era can now be seen in its vicinity.

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