Monday, January 26, 2009

A Fascinating Incident off St. Marks in 1862

Despite is shallow water and narrow channel, St. Marks remained an active port for blockade runners throughout the War Between the States.

The activities of the blockade runners led to numerous confrontations with the U.S. Navy over the four years of the war. One of the most interesting episodes, however, took place on July 5, 1862, when the U.S.S. Mohawk captured the blockade runner George B. Sloat off St. Marks in Apalachee Bay (shown here).

The following is from the Philadelphia Inquirer of October 31, 1862:

On the 5th of July, off St. Marks, Florida, the Mohawk captured the sloop George B. Sloat, for attempting to run the blockade. There were as passengers on board the lady, three children, and two servants of Adjutant-General Holland of Florida. Mrs. Holland claimed the secession flag to be private property, and secured it on her person. As the Captain could not secure it without using violence to a lady, who was in a delicate situation, he had to let it go.

The eventual fate of the flag is not known.


SophieMae said...

Thanks ever so for sharing this story! It's a fascinating bit of hstory I hadn't heard before.

Dale said...

You are welcome. It is one of my favorites. What a different time that was!