Sunday, November 9, 2008

Forgotten Dead of the Battle of Olustee?

This burial trench at New Park Cemetery in Fort Gaines, Georgia, contains the graves of 9 unknown Confederate soldiers.
The soldiers were most likely wounded men from the Battle of Olustee that died from their injuries while being treated at hospitals in Fort Gaines.
The magnitude of the battle overwhelmed hospital facilities in Florida, so wounded men were carried west to Tallahassee and Quincy by rail and then placed on steamboats at Chattahoochee for transportation upstream to towns in Alabama and Georgia.
Fort Gaines, once called the "Queen City of the Chattahoochee," was one such community. Public buildings there were converted to use as hospitals and the people of the town did their best to care for the wounded soldiers. Most, in fact, did recover at least well enough to eventually go home, but nine did not and were buried in a trench at New Park Cemetery in Fort Gaines.
Their names are lost to history.
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