Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Quincy Academy Building

This beautiful old antebellum structure in Gadsden County, Florida, was once the home of the Quincy Academy.
One of the oldest schools in Florida, the Quincy Academy was officially incorporated in 1832 but likely was in operation for at least a couple of years prior to that. Closely associated with the local Masonic Lodge, it offered education for both boys and girls and was a vital part of life for the antebellum people of Gadsden County.
A prior building burned in 1849 and plans for the current structure were drawn in 1850. It was completed in 1851 and was operating at the time of the War Between the States.
After an interruption of classes during the war, the facility continued to be used for educational purposes until the early 20th century. Now beautifully restored, it used by several groups including a literacy program and the Girl Scouts.
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