Friday, October 10, 2008

Nice Information on a Union soldier

Thanks to a reader for passing along a link to an absolutely fascinating blog that covers Unionist Southern soldiers.

I found it to be very well done and one recent post included a great deal of information on a soldier that served in the 82nd U.S. Colored Infantry, one of the regiments represented at the Battle of Marianna.

Here's the link:

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Robert Moore said...

Thanks for the plug for the new blog Dale. Just to clarify, we plan to go beyond featuring stories about just Southerners who served as Union soldiers. We plan on looking at civilians who were Southern Unionists as well. Right now, we have a good pool of resources about Unionists and we'll be working those up. Hopefully, we will get something in the blog soon about a Unionist from Florida. Thanks again - Robert Moore, Site administrator for Southern Unionists Chronicles ( and Civil War Memory blogger (