Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fort Marion - St. Augustine, Florida

This is one of a series of interesting photographs in the collection of the Library of Congress of what was then known as Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida.
The fascinating old fortress is now known as the Castillo de San Marcos and is maintained by the National Park Service.
At this time this photograph was taken, however, the fort was still an active military installation.
The picture shows the water face of the old Spanish fort and was taken from the northeast bastion, looking south along the east wall of the fort. The large stone structure to the right is the Spanish castillo, which dates from the 1600s, while the more modern looking fortification to the left running along the waterfront is the water battery built by U.S. troops and used up to and during the Civil War.
The Castillo, or Fort Marion, was seized by state troops in January of 1861 and held by the Confederacy until the following spring, when it was peacefully reoccupied by Union forces.
You can read more about the Castillo de San Marcos and other sites of interest in St. Augustine at www.exploresouthernhistory.com/staugustine1.

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