Monday, August 4, 2008

International Attention for Marianna Battlefield

I'll pick back up with my delayed series on Civil War sites in the Panama City tomorrow, but I wanted to resume posting today with a fascinating story about Florida's Marianna battlefield.
Over the weekend, a group of more than 60 U.S. and international military officers spent three hours touring the scene of the Battle of Marianna to learn about tactics, strategy, etc. It was the largest organized tour of the scene by modern military personnel in history.
The group traveled down from Fort Rucker, Alabama, as part of the U.S. Army's "Strength through Allies" program. Most were from Central and South America and had spent some time studying the battle prior to the tour.
The Battle of Marianna was fought on September 17, 1864, at the culmination of the deepest Union penetration of Florida during the Civil War. Asboth's raid against Marianna actually covered more distance than Sherman's March to the Sea and resulted in the most significant damage to Confederate infrastructure experienced in Florida. Census data indicates that it took four Northwest Florida counties more than 50 years to recover from the economic losses sustained during the raid.
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