Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Question from Winter Park

I received a question today from the Central Florida Veterans Memorial Park Foundation and hope that someone can chime in with an answer.

The foundation recently dedicated a new Veterans Park near the VA Center in Winter Park. Adjacent to their park, they have found an obelisk that once contained a brass plaque (the plaque is missing, but the obelisk is still there). They've been told it was once a Civil War marker, but have been unable to find anyone with any knowledge about it.

Does anyone know anything about this marker/site? If so, please drop us a comment back last night so I can help them out.


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Michael C. Hardy said...


What was on the plaque? I know that Palmer Avenue in Winter Park is named for Col. John B. Palmer, 58th North Carolina Troops. The canal where they dot he boat tours used to be called Palmer Creek.