Friday, October 5, 2007

Roster of the West Florida Seminary Cadets

This is a recreated roster of the Corps of Cadets from the West Florida Seminary that I was able to assemble while working on my book, The Battle of Natural Bridge, Florida. The cadets played a key roll in the battle at Natural Bridge on March 6, 1865, but not all were present on the field. The younger members of the corps were held back by Confederate officers and assigned to non-combat duties in Tallahassee during the campaign. The others, however, held a salient near the center of the Confederate line and were heavily engaged in the battle.

If you know of any members I have missed, please let me know so I can verify them and add them. For more information on the Battle of Natural Bridge, please visit:

Capt. V.M. Johnson, Instructor (VMI Graduate)
J.W. Adams
William H. Anderson
Tom Archer
Jack Baker
George L. Baltzell
Charles L. Beard
Eddie Blame
Curtis Brown
Elijah Bryan
John Call
Byrd Coles - Cadet 2nd Lieutenant
Franklin P. Damon
Herman Damon
Henry Ware DeMilly
James B. Dickson
Charlie Donaldson
John Dubose
Charlie Dyke
Charlie Ellis
Tom Frazier
Lonnie Gunn
Richard Hayward
George Houston
Miles Johnson
Jessie King
Bob Ledsmith
Dan Meginais
John Milton (Joined March 5, 1865)
Charlie Mims
Charlie Munnerlyn
Tom Myers
W.W. Pearce
Charlie Pearce
William W. Perkins
Hunter Pope
Egbert Nims
Thomas A. Polhill
William F. Quaile
L.H. Raines
Arthur L. Randolph
Henry Randolph - Cadet 1st Lieutenant
William A. Rawls
Dick Saunders
D. Shepard Shine
T.G. Pratt Thompson
Sam Tonge
Luther Tucker
Milton Tucker
George Ward
J.W. Wethington - Cadet Captain
Sam Weathington

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