Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Marianna Paper to publish Battle of Marianna edition

The weekly Jackson County Times, a very nice community newspaper published in Marianna, will publish a special commemorative issue this week to mark the anniversary of the 1864 Battle of Marianna.

The issue will include photographs and coverage of local memorial events, historical articles looking back at the battle, and even a "Yanks are Coming" headline. It should make for a good read.

By the way, this is a good time to mention that autographed copies of my books, The Battle of Marianna, Florida and The Battle of Natural Bridge, Florida are now available at Chipola River Book & Tea in downtown Marianna. As always, you can order them online at www.battleofmarianna.net or www.exploresouthernhistory.com.


wdray56 said...

I live north of Marianna...FL pension/widow files indicate my Great Grandfather (2X) (Duncan C. Ray) originaly enlisted, with cousins, in the 6th FL, Co H, at Marianna....do you know where the enlistment camps were located in this area? In July 1864 he apparently re-enlisted in the 2nd FL, Co B...he walked home from Lee's surrender with a friend who was in the 11th FL and lived across the state line in Ganer, AL...someday I desire to research original regimental records to maybe piece together his whole record....I know that may not be possible. I am buying your book...GREAT WORK. PS I can trace the original "Pt Washington to Vernon Road" route from Ebro to Point Washington...this route/road is common knowledge to my family and I...again Great Work.

Dale Cox said...

I'm not sure where the enlistment camp was at that point. I know that later in the war it was located just southwest of town off the St. Andrews Bay Road. It may have been at the same location earlier, but I am not positive about that. Thank you for the kind words, by the way.