Monday, August 20, 2007

Roster of Company H, 6th Florida Infantry

By request, here is the roster of Company H, 6th Florida Infantry. If you have additions or changes, please let me know by posting a comment. Thanks!


Stephen A. Cawthon, Captain
Angus McLean (original captain, promoted to regimental staff)
James McClelland, 1st Lieutenant (Died of Disease)
Alexander McCloud, 1st Lieutenant (Transferred to Reserves)
Phillip McSween, 2nd Lieutenant (Resigned in 1863)

Malcolm Baxter
Mathew W. Bedsole
Robert W. Bell
Thaddeus Bell
James Arthur Bird (Discharged due to Disability)
William W. Bray
J.H. Burgess
Mark Burk
William Burk (Deserted)
Joseph S. Burks (Died of Disease)
William F. Busby (Died of Disease)
Daniel Campbell
John Angus Campbell
William L. Campbell
William M. Campbell (Died of Disease)
Henry Milton Cannon
Henry R. Cannon (Discharged)
Emanuel A. Carter
Calvin Chestnut (Discharged)
Henry Clark
William P. Clary
George W. Cook (Promoted to different company)
Harvey Crain
Washington Crain
W. Patrick Crawford
Thomas P. Daniel (Died of Wounds)
Isaac Davis (Died of Disease)
Robert D. Divine (Died of Disease)
Jesse Edge
Obediah Edge (Discharged due to disability)
Zion Foley (Died of Disease)
Daniel Fountain
James Gainer
Joseph E. Gainer
T.G. Garner
Joseph Garrett
A.M. Gillis
Daniel P. Gillis (Died of Disease)
Normal W. Gillis (Killed at Chickamauga)
William C. Gillis (Died of Disease)
Angus Gordon (Died of Wounds)
F.C. Hagan (Killed at Chickamauga)
Lawrence Hall (Deserted)
Rayford Hall (Deserted)
William H. Hart
Hardy J. Herring
Isaac C. Hurst (Deserted)
Thomas Jackson (Died as a POW)
W.B. Jones
Lorenzo D. Jordan (Dropped from the rolls)
James M. Kimmons
William J. Kimmons
John Kinnington (Killed at Chickamauga)
John H. Kinnington
Reace Kirkland
Richard Levins (Deserted)
John W. Linn (Discharged)
Francis A. Londay (Died as a POW)
Stephen Londay
John Lott
William Lott
Finley McCaskill
Spear McCaskill
William McCurley
Daniel L. McDonald (Died of Disease)
Daniel P. McDonald (Died of Disease)
Peter McDonald
James C. McLean
Duncan McLeod
John D. McLeod
John G. McLeod
Malcolm McPherson
Jacob Meeks
John Minger
Archibald G. Morrison (Died of wounds)
Daniel Morrison
Joel Morrison (Discharged due to disability)
Wiley Nickels
Dozier Padgett (Killed at Chickamauga)
G.W. Padgett
Isham Padgett
Samuel Perry
Griffin Pippin (Discharged)
Daniel Powell (Died as a POW)
John Preachers (Died of Disease)
Colin G. Ray (Died of Disease)
Benjamin Reeves (Deserted)
James Rice
John L. Rolling (Deserted)
Joseph Rutherford (Deserted)
John J. Simmons (Died of Disease)
Thomas Simmons (Died of Disease)
Green Smith
John Smith (Died of Disease)
Alexander Steel
Samuel Terry
William A. Turner
W.M. Vaughn
Andrew J. Ward (Discharged)
George T. Ward
Jacob Weeks
John T. Welch (Died as a POW)
Robert H. West
Kinnon E. White
John E. Williams (Killed at Chickamauga)
Rice Williamson (Killed at Chickamauga)
Seth Williamson
Uriah Woodham
W.H. Yearty
C.T. Yon
John W. Zinn


Jim McClellan said...

The "James McClelland" listed here is my great, great, great grandfather, James Pierpoint Innis McClellan -- no "d" on the end. According to the only other records I've been able to find, he was a second lieutenant who died just four months after joining.

Anonymous said...

John McCrone was my great, great grandfather and is buried in the Civil War Dead section of Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta. On his headstone it lists Company H, 6th FLA, yet his name is not on your roster. Please reconfirm.

Dale said...

Thank you for the note and this is exactly why I posted the request at the top to send in additions or corrections.

I was working from an available roster but it is usually the case with these that there were other members of the unit that were not picked up or were left off the final roster.

I've found in one extreme case that more than 100 members of a company (Company C, 1st Florida Infantry Reserves)were left off the only available roster of the unit.

Likely this is because they either hadn't joined yet or had already left the unit (due to injury, death, etc.) when the roster was prepared.

T said...

Hey thanks everyone for your contributions.Our soldiers need to be honored and remembered.

Sharon Balkom Hagans said...

The Phillip McSween, 2nd Lt. (Resigned 1863) was my great great Uncle. He was on the muster roll for the 6th Alabama Calvary, Company K and was discharged in 1865. His brother, Robert D. McSween, my GGGrandfather, was a 1st Lt. of Company I, 6th Florida Infanty and he resigned in 1863.

Dale said...

Sharon, Thank you very much for adding details on him!